Passionate about arts, I’m able to find beauty in all things.

     I’m one of the fortunate people that found out my true gifts really young. Even more fortunate because I’m able to work with the thing I love the most. I believe every sector on media creating is tied to another, so I always try to engage all media types. Both in projects, and personal life.
     I’m blessed to have an amazing family, and lucky for having the best friends someone can have. They understand my ideas, and usually are part of my crazy creations.




what i KNOW


MARKETING |social media


video producing | Directing

live broadcasting



    I started my career on the very technical side of things, which made me very tech savvy and on top of every gear release. Addicted to gadgets and new technology, I always had access to the best gear, and was able to learn a lot from building some TV studios and video platforms from scratch.

   I graduated in Marketing pursuing my passion for promoting and finding creative ways of showing the same things. There is always a new perspective that someone else hasn't seen before. Even being on the marketing side, I kept following up with the technical advances. Combining those passions makes it possible to be a bridge between both worlds.

   My love for the academy made me continue to pursue my studies, and I got my masters degree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University.

   I am fascinated by the entertainment industry, and I was fortunate to work in great big companies, like CBN and WWE. My love for the third sector always played a big factor in my life, and I work with several religious and non-profit organizations, enhancing their media plans and making sure they are reaching as far as they can!




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Technical Director for WWE NXT's tapings in orlando, FL.


Director for the brazilian version of The 700 Club.

Director for the live auditorium show. On Dose Dupla (Double Dose), two famous people interview each other.

A city can be transformed by small initiatives. Carlos is one of the guys changing it!

Having a video overview at the end of the year makes all the difference for non-profits. It entices the donors and provide great feedback. This is an example of a video I directed for Operation Blessing, with all the information I gathered and footage I shot throughout the year.

Travelled with Operation Blessing to several cities building wells for communities that have no access to clean water. This particular video goes on in the Amazon city of Maués. It was shot, edited and hosted by me.

Director of Photography and Producer for Rancore's second video clip.

Producer and Camera for Rancore's Live DVD.

TD for the live service.


pinata factory changes lives in costa rica

operation blessing - a year in video


the 700 club

dose dupla

building wells in the amazon

rancore - respeito é a lei

rancore - samba


dave duncan

Dave shows how you can beat a disease that was meant to beat you

destination: cuba

Maribel invites you an unforgettable trip!

Directed "Look on the World". This is the first of a series of documentaries about photography. I explored how the photographers see the world from behind the lenses and their different perspectives.

Executive Producer for the TV Show Biodesagradável: A simple human gets tired of seeing the world being trashed and decided to take action. He becomes a superhero that doesn't hold back to save the environment.

NORTHland church



Olhar para o mundo